"It all began many years ago in Mom's kitchen..."





"Growing up I was constantly at my mom's feet in the kitchen, which is where my passion for food was formed. It was my dream as a child to one day start a restaurant where I could share hearty and quality food on a large scale, all while being blissfully ignorant about the amount of work it would take! In my late teenage years and early 20's my journey of fitness and health became a very important aspect of my life, which of course meant eating wholesome, clean and nutritious food. Being an entrepreneur I led an extremely busy lifestyle, which meant a lot of ready made meals! I became increasingly frustrated with the limited options of tasty, convenient yet healthy food. This frustration led to the inspiration that became For Food's Sake! Being able to provide a service that can bring people the convenience they desire, flavours that they crave and the option to eat clean, has been a dream come true!"  


- Dirk Uys -

"When I follow my heart, it leads me to the kitchen!

My fondest memories revolve around food.  Those lovely family dinners, the distinct aroma in Grandma's kitchen and Dad’s signature Sunday sandwiches.


I wanted my children to have those same memories. Some of the most valuable moments with my children were created  in our kitchen, cooking and experimenting with food. We often dreamt of cooking in our own restaurant.


While working with teenagers for about twenty years, I came to realize what an absolute priviledge those moments with family and food actually are. It has become a rare commodity for modern day families. 


When you're juggling a job, parenting, home -care, self-care and relationships, you start wishing  for a 25 hour day. 

Being a single mom for a few years, gave me new sympathy for Mothers. I often asked myself, "what I would do with an extra hour each day?". That question became an idea, and that idea became a dream. That dream became a reality in July 2018, when For Food's Sake delivered it's first ready made meals."


- Riaana Uys -

Meet The Team

Monché Muller

Executive chef

Christiaan van den Berg

Head chef and manager

Lydé Heckroodt

Co menu creator

Aniswa Qapeza


Leon Muronzi

Training chef 


AKA the friendly

delivery guy

Dirk: 0824194677
Riaana: 0824942990
Unit 5
 Firgrove Industrial Estate
Macassar, Cape Town
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